The production tracking system is created for academic societies, university presses, small and medium publishers. It helps to track the whole cycle of article’s production: language and artwork editing, typesetting, issue formation and more just in one place. This will optimize, clarify and bring structure to the workplace.


The system supports different production workflow types – publishers will be able to personalize types of tasks and their order. Statistical reports, search and sort tools will help the project manager to coordinate the production process, improve team collaboration, and help to avoid bottlenecks.

Streamline the production process
Have files and metadata automatically transferred from PubliMill peer-review system
Easily assign task to the team members and authors
Get notifications when team members complete or decline a task
Transmit files to colleagues
Send notifications, when the task is overdue
Improve team’s collaboration
Communicate with authors effectively
Send tasks to authors in the system
Transmit necessary pre-proof files to the author
Get proof files from the authors
Send notifications when tasks are overdue
Get notifications when tasks are completed or rejected
Track articles through the production process
Get information about statuses of articles - which are in production, which are ready for production and which articles are ready for publication
Get information about production stages, which articles are in language editing stage, which articles are in artwork editing stage, which articles are in typesetting and copyediting stage
Leave technical difficulties to experts
Understand system’s functionality without a hassle
Leave the software maintenance and upgrades to the PubliMill team
Be safe with secure data storage
Have a daily backup copies of data
PubliMill production tracking system helps to:
Collaborate efficiently with the team
Improve communication with authors
Streamline the entire production process
Transfer necessary files to colleagues
Secure the data and make backup copies
PubliMill – your three musketeers for science publishing

Peer-review, Production Tracking and Hosting systems – perfect together and separately. No matter the way, if the systems are used cooperatively or on their own – PubliMill optimizes and simplifies your daily workflow. This eco-system is comfortable to manage, easy to use and saves you time and effort in the long run.

PubliMill is developed by VTeX. At VTeX, we are aware of the problems that publishers are facing and we are here to assist. We help to spread innovation in the field of publishing over the scientific community as well as provide technical assistance and tools for disseminating scientific knowledge.

If you would like to receive a user-friendly PubliMill DEMO, contact us and we will help bring the publishing future to the present.

Frequently Asked Questions
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PubliMill production tracking system is designed for small and medium STM publishers to help to enhance the efficiency of production tracking process by making the production process much more organized.

We offer a free demonstration, where our team will demonstrate the main functionalities and explain the main values of a product. Then we provide links to the demo environment, where you and your team can try the PubliMill production tracking system.

Please contact the PubliMill team and request a session for a live demo. We will be happy to demonstrate the system's functionality and provide credentials to the demo environment.

PubliMill production tracking system supports various roles that are involved in the production process. It is suitable to work for project managers, language editors, artwork editors, typesetters and copy editors, XML editors, and, of course, it is suitable to work with authors in the proofing stage.

Files can be uploaded in MS Word, PDF, LaTeX or other formats.

Yes, we offer free training for the publisher's team. Training usually continues for 1-2 hours.

Yes, PubliMill platform consists of three systems: PubliMill peer-review system, PubliMill production tracking system and PubliMill hosting system. All these systems can be used separately or together.

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